A healthy alternative to traditional dairy-based desserts

At SoyTalk, we pride on our use of high quality soy products. Our main goal is to provide a healthy alternative to dessert without making people guilty for indulging in sweets!


Dessert made from innovative Japanese technology

To create the best soy products, it is crucial to have amazing equipment. Shipped straight from Japan, our machine cooks pulp with a special process that generates perfectly stabilized milk concentrate without the need for other chemicals or defoaming agents.


Once the batch is made, we made it into delicious desserts!  

“SoyTalk is the perfect dessert shop for those who are vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or simply looking for a healthier way to eat sweets.”

"I finally found a dessert shop where I can enjoy multiple servings of soft serve without feeling guilty because it's so light and the texture is ice cold and actually soft!"


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Store Hours

Monday to Thursday :13:00 ~ 21:30

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The above slideshow Pictures are credited by Chowbus !