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Black Sesame Soy Mochi


Our soy mochi is topped with a layer of black sesame powder, which is grinded from pure black sesame seeds! Benefits include lower cholesterol levels and better digestion as black sesame contains high fiber content.

Signature Soy Soft Serve


3 ways to describe our Signature Soy Soft Serve: delicious, innovative and healthy. This low-calorie dessert is sprinkled with a layer of our house-made crispy soy bean flakes. To top it off, we’ve also added our signature red-bean filled boba to give you the perfect combination of sweet and salty, and hot and cold.


Chicken Potato
Cheese Toast


Stuffed toast with seasoned chicken breast wrapped in a layer of crispy baked soy bean flakes + seaweed! You can feel the creaminess of the egg yolk mixed with cheese in every bite along with the tender, perfectly cooked chicken breasts. 

Enjoy this with our Signature Soy Milk.


So(y) nutritious and so(y) good! 

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